Hey y'all, I’m Cherrie, the CEO and your Personal Stylist at Very Cherrie! I am a born and raised south GA girl, now living with my family in FL. I love laughing, dancing, traveling and spending every second possible with family and friends. I am the Mama to 2 amazing young men, Tyler and Trent, who are now grown, but forever my babies and eternally my "why". My boutique journey started in 2008 with my children's boutique which eventually evolved and grew into other directions, all leading me here. I am also a licensed hair & makeup artist and certified lover of all things PRETTY! My life has been spent transforming people into their desired vision of themselves. Very Cherrie is my own personal extension of my passion and love for fashion and beauty and my desire to help you look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.

You know, sometimes you like things when you see other people in clothes, but you just don’t know what looks good on YOU or how to put it all together. Sometimes you feel insecure so you actually hide behind your clothing instead of finding pieces that accentuate and flatter you. Stop stressing! You now have an opportunity for me to help you shop, style and create looks that you’ll love!

I am the sole designer and buyer for Very Cherrie. I love searching for new, unique items to share with ya’ll. I personally hand pick every piece to create a look and style that I feel represents me and my brand. I don’t like to carry all of the same things everyone else is carrying. In an effort to make sure that you wont walk in the boutique down the street and find the same pieces, I source my vendors from all over the world. The majority of our pieces are brought in from European countries like the UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain. I want to know that when you put our pieces on, you feel confident, classy and beautiful. And you're not going to run in to 3 other girls wearing the same thing when you go out! LOL I can't wait to help you create your perfect look! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!